Are you at the top of your game?

Effective leadership relies in part on continuous learning—understanding industry breakthroughs and their effects on your business, as well as encouraging others to act on them. So what happens when you reach a plateau, the so-called top of your game, and want a jump-start to stay sharp and competitive? Consider personal and professional development through a mentor or coach to tap into learning opportunities that challenge the way you think about running your business and being a roofing professional.

Why invest in the help of a third party? Leaders sometimes need to discover new ways to work and develop new skills. They may encounter a problem they can't solve alone or need help implementing a new idea or strategy. Third parties can provide a one-on-one learning opportunity that, when focused, can net transformational results.

Mentoring and coaching

Mentors and coaches are not the same. Mentors work with people in their areas of expertise and often are concerned with not only a mentee's performance but a mentee's alignment with organization or industry goals. Mentors are invested in an outcome that equates to organizational success. Coaches work outside an organization's boundaries and seek to expand the human capacity of their clients. They act as facilitators and teachers. Successful outcomes for coaches involve unleashing the human spirit and expanding an individual's capacity to achieve inside and outside the organization.