SEPT. 2014 | VOL. 44 ISSUE 9



Social media have changed consumers’ expectations.

Tech Today

IBC 2012 requirements for attic ventilation may limit roof system designs.

Capitol Hill

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act may benefit the roofing industry's work force development needs.

As I was saying …

NRCA established the first-ever National Roofing Week to promote professional roofing contractors.



Hiring inexperienced workers to replace workers lost during the Great Recession has resulted in more injuries and insurance claims.

Lasting effects - The Great Recession’s effect on the roofing industry is reflected in insurance claims

Selecting appropriate fasteners when using preservative-treated wood is complicated by the variety of treatments that can corrode metal.

Working with wood - Use of preservative-treated wood requires certain precautions

Ruff Roofers Inc. earns a 2014 Gold Circle Award for its work on Baltimore's Union Square Pavilion.

Resourceful roofing - Ruff Roofers overcomes material availability challenges to renovate Baltimore's Union Square Pavilion

Worker-tracking software has been gaining attention as an efficient way to manage off-site workers.

Tracking a trend - Worker-tracking software allows companies to accurately and efficiently track and communicate with off-site workers

A centuries-old legal doctrine affects contractors who perform public work.

No time runs against the king - Contractors performing public work quickly will realize a centuries-old legal doctrine lives on