USGBC launches LEED® Pilot Credit Library

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) recently launched the LEED Pilot Credit Library, introducing six proposed new Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits.

The newest version of LEED, LEED v3 was introduced in April and included the ability to introduce proposed new credits and prerequisites to LEED through a credit-by-credit pilot process. The purpose of this is to allow LEED to introduce new ideas without waiting for the launch of an entirely new version of rating systems.

With the new LEED Pilot Credit Library, LEED project teams are encouraged to pilot test any proposed credits they believe fit their projects. Participants will submit evaluation forms offering input regarding the proposed credit’s strength and weaknesses. Feedback will be reviewed by a Pilot Working Group and will help improve the proposed credit or determine whether it should be introduced into LEED.

Each project that helps pilot test a credit and offers feedback receives one Innovation & Design or Innovation in Operations credit regardless of whether it would have achieved the actual credit being piloted. Because the pilot credits are not yet part of LEED, points will not be awarded for achieving the pilot credit itself.

Credits currently being piloted include:
  • Pilot Credit 1: Life Cycle Assessment of Building Assemblies and Materials
  • Pilot Credit 2: PBT Source Reduction: Dioxins and Halogenated Organic Compounds
  • Pilot Credit 3: Medical and Process Equipment Efficiency
  • Pilot Credit 4: Innovative Ventilation
  • Pilot Credits 5 and 6: Preliminary Integrative Project Planning & Design
For more information about the program, click here.

NRCA wrote a letter to USGBC regarding its new LEED Pilot Credit Library. To read the letter, click here.

Date : 11/16/2009