Unemployment rate falls in 18 states

The jobless rate dropped in fewer states in July than in the previous three months, confirming that jobs still are scarce in the U.S., according to www.msnbc.com.

The unemployment rate decreased in 18 states and Washington, D.C., increased in 14 states and held steady in 18 states last month. It fell in more than 30 states during the previous three months.

Although many states are experiencing less improvement, there are signs of recovery. For example, even as many states lost temporary Census Bureau jobs, 37 states had job gains in July, which is an improvement compared with June. Massachusetts added 19,200 private sector jobs, which is the largest monthly gain in more than 20 years.

Nevada had the highest unemployment rate at 14.3 percent followed by Michigan at 13.1 percent.

Date : 8/23/2010