Job openings increase to most in two years

Job openings increased sharply in October as businesses and the government advertised nearly 3.4 million jobs, according to USA Today. This was an increase of about 12 percent from the previous month.

The increase in job openings follows two months of declines and is the highest total since August 2008.

Overall, the number of advertised jobs has increased about 1 million—44 percent—since the low point of July 2009, which was a month after the recession ended. However, the number of job openings still is significantly less than the 4.4 million advertised in December 2007 when the recession began.

Competition for jobs still is tough but shows improvement. On average, there were 4.4 unemployed workers for each available job in October, which is a decline from 4.9 in September and the lowest since January 2009. Still, that number was 1.8 in December 2007.

Date : 12/8/2010