Strong storm blows off roofs in Alaska

A massive Bering Sea storm that hit along Alaska's northwest coast late Tuesday has passed out of the region but has left behind widespread damage, according to

The storm tossed rocks, eroded beaches and blew roofs off buildings in Alaska's towns. Thirty-seven communities have reported some form of damage.

In Nome, Alaska, the main street was closed because of rock and log debris, and residents were told to stay off streets because of downed power lines. Hurricane-force winds hit at about 2 a.m. Wednesday morning, blowing roofs away overnight. Nome is the largest town in Alaska with 3,600 residents.

Tiny coastal communities were at particular risk for damage from wind and expected flooding.

The coast hasn't been hit with a similar storm since November 1974, when Nome again bore the brunt. At that time, the sea surge measured more than 13 feet; this week's storm reached a sea surge of 10 feet.

Officials still are surveying the damage caused by the storm.

Date : 11/11/2011