U.S. government launches business Web site

The U.S. government has launched Business.gov, a Web site that offers free business information from federal, state and local governments, according to www.echannelline.com.

"Our public is the small-business community," says Nancy Sternberg, program manager for Business Gateway program with the U.S. Small Business Administration. "There are 27 million small-business owners that exist, and we want to make it easier for those individuals to gain access to the type of information they need to comply with federal regulations and policies."

Business.gov provides information about topics such as taxes; permits and licenses; how to start a recycling program; how to start a home-based business; and hiring the first employee. The Web site is said to minimize the amount of time small businesses need to research information so they don’t have to research at night or pay others to find information.

"Our government is always looking for ways to better serve the public and make government work for them, and this is an indication of recognizing the power of the Internet and electronic commerce," Sternberg says.

The Business Gateway program also is working on Forms.gov, which is a Web site that offers citizens and businesses a common access point to federal agency forms, and an initiative to streamline data from federal organizations.

Date : 10/17/2008