NRCA implements NRCA Member Smart Logo (Members Only)

NRCA has partnered with Yoshki Ltd. to power the new NRCA Member Smart Logo.

By using the NRCA Member Smart Logo with the embedded web code, NRCA now can control the use of its logo online and protect the business interests of NRCA members in good standing.

NRCA also has given consumers the ability to validate any NRCA member company online through a simple "click-and-check" process, offering consumers additional peace of mind they are looking at the website of an NRCA member they can trust.

NRCA needs your company's working URL for the smart logo to work. If NRCA does not have a URL on record for your company, you will be asked to provide one.

When the NRCA Member Smart Logo has been installed on your website, anyone visiting your site can click on the smart logo and be directed to a page on NRCA's website that instantly will validate your NRCA member status and show details about your company. Once this is complete, the visitor immediately can return to your website.

To learn more about the NRCA Member Smart Logo—including how to add the smart logo to your website, frequently asked questions and an installation guide—click here.

Date : April 11, 2018