Additional photos and more information about the companies responsible for the roof replacement on the Louisiana Superdome

Temporary covering of open curb resulting from ventilator loss during Katrina

A view of the gutter tub filled with failed EPDM and metal flashing

A view of the damaged expansion joint at the coping cap

A view of missing metal coping cap at the expansion joint

A view of temporary roof progress when it was 50 percent complete

A view of the EPDM rubber roll cut up for disposal

Failed EPDM rubber and the exposed polyisocyanurate board

A view of the installed spray polyurethane foam

A view of the apex of the dome where Brazos Urethane set up all equipment, material, hoists and safety equipment

Roofing contractor:
Brazos Urethane Inc.
1031 6th St. N.
Texas City, TX 77590
(409) 965-0011
(409) 948-1511 (fax)

Roofing manufacturer:
BaySystems North America
P. O. Box 1509
Spring, TX 77383
Jodi Alexander

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