Common mistakes when creating a website for your business

When a company decides to create a website, it often just wants to get a website up and running as fast as possible. However, a website is a reflection of your company and its mission, and it should be taken seriously.

Following are some common mistakes from and to avoid when you create your website:

  • Navigation is poor. Users who are looking for specific information and have trouble finding it on your website will get frustrated. Be sure your website navigation is usable and accessible.
  • There are no clear calls to action. Instead of having endless descriptive paragraphs, lead the user to commit to an action with a call-to-action button that allows them to buy a product, subscribe, etc.
  • You haven't established a clear content hierarchy. Organize your content so users can scan it quickly for relevant information.
  • Your website is cluttered. Many small-business owners cram as much as they can onto one page, which is confusing and looks unprofessional. Prioritize your content and decide what is most important for the visitor.
  • Your website is not up-to-date. Be sure to remove expired materials, fix broken links, add news, etc., to keep your website active and current.
  • You haven't identified your customers' biggest problems. Your website needs to highlight your customers' priorities.
  • You don't use your customers' language on your website. Be sure you are familiar with the terms and words they use daily.
  • You're not aware of your competition. You should check out your competitors' websites to see what they are doing right and wrong.

Customers often will form a first impression about your company from your website. Be sure your website makes a good first impression.

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