Employee engagement

Dale Carnegie Training, New York, and MSW Research, Lake Success, N.Y., recently conducted a study involving more than 1,500 employees to find out what creates engaged employees and what key attributes are present within engaged employees.

Following are some results from the study:

  • Eleven billion dollars is lost annually because of employee turnover.
  • Companies with engaged employees outperform those without engaged employees by up to 202 percent.
  • Seventy-one percent of all employees are not fully engaged—45 percent are not engaged; 26 percent are actively disengaged; and 29 percent are engaged.
  • The three key drivers of engagement are an employee's relationship with the direct manager, belief in senior leadership and pride in working for the company. Eighty percent of employees dissatisfied with their direct managers are disengaged; 70 percent of employees who lack confidence in the abilities of senior leadership are not fully engaged; and 54 percent of employees who are proud of their companies' contributions to society are engaged.
  • Engaged employees' key traits are being enthusiastic, empowered, inspired and confident.

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