April 2014

Maciek Rupar

Telephone number : (847) 299-9070
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Maciek Rupar is an NRCA technical director. He joined NRCA's staff in January 2008. He holds a bachelor's degree in materials science and engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Articles authored

30 years to life06/01/2011
A new addition02/01/2014
Another year, another volume01/01/2012
Caring for wood roof systems07/01/2010
Explaining low-rise foam adhesives10/01/2010
Ice dam busting06/01/2012
Keeping up with steep slopes03/01/2013
Myth busting04/01/2010
New CERTA guidelines04/01/2010
Technical Elements04/01/2008
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