September 2011


A better choice 

Homeowners and building owners interested in rooftop electricity generation often overlook the need for an appropriate substrate that will provide equivalent service life for a roof-mounted PV system.

Bound to the bond 

Payment bonds assure subcontractors and suppliers they will be paid for the labor and materials they provide to a project. However, it is important to be aware of the legal relationships created through a payment bond.

Consider certification 

The roof-mounted PV industry is growing rapidly, and the RISE™ CSRP™ credential will provide roofing professionals with the knowledge they need to meet building owners’ renewable energy demands.

A sustainability laboratory  5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars

Scalo Solar Solutions has introduced its Sunscape Energy Demonstration Project, which demonstrates and compares various rooftop technologies for generating energy and reducing costs.

New technology, new safety issues 

Roof-mounted PV systems are gaining popularity and posing unique safety issues for those installing them. Roofing contractors’ experiences likely will serve as the most reliable sources for managing risks associated with PV systems.


The PV industry could offer unprecedented opportunity but not without significant challenges.

Tech Today 
NRCA has updated its EnergyWise Roof Calculator Online to help those who design and specify low-slope roof assemblies.

Capitol Hill 
With partisan gridlock on Capitol Hill reaching its highest levels in decades, Congress may turn its attention to more narrowly focused immigration issues, such as E-Verify.

As I was saying … 
The roofing industry is preparing for a wave of citations when enforcement of OSHA's new rule regarding fall protection begins Sept. 16. The industry is not opposed to using personal fall-arrest systems, but it is opposed to simple-minded solutions.