November 2011


Start with insulation 

A properly designed and installed insulation layer is critical to a roof assembly’s energy efficiency and sustainability. The roofing industry should continue to promote insulation and energy efficiency, as well as traditional methods of waterproofing.

Town of the future 

Greensburg, Kan., was almost completely destroyed by a tornado. It is being rebuilt as a model green community in which every building must meet LEED® Platinum standards.

Perfecting the solar shingle 

A new generation of asphalt shingles is being designed to reflect solar heat while maintaining a traditional color palette.

No kids allowed! 

Nearly every state requires contractors to exercise reasonable care to protect against foreseeable dangers to child trespassers. If you know children are likely to trespass on a job site, you need to ensure their safety.

Weighing the options 

The perception that vegetative roof systems are durable, sustainable, energy-efficient and high-performing makes analyzing their waterproofing and thermal performances particularly interesting to the roofing industry.


Pete Korellis, president and owner of Korellis Roofing, Hammond, Ind., testified on behalf of NRCA at a hearing held by the Workforce Protections Subcommittee of the House of Representatives.

Tech Today 
Changes to the U.S. product standard for TPO roof membranes should result in some improvement to their performance. Those involved with TPO roof system design and installation should be aware of these changes and know additional improvements still are necessary.

Capitol Hill 
NRCA is focusing on developing support within Congress for legislation to repeal the new health insurance tax.

As I was saying … 
Whether we increase government spending to stimulate growth or reform or reduce taxes to encourage investment, the solution to creating jobs must be a fix for the long term.