December 2013


Gaining momentum  5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars

The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress continues to unite the industry through its programs.

All hands on roof deck  5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars

Wagner Roofing Co. restores five roof systems on the U.S. Naval Academy's Mahan Hall.

What's not to like? 

A federal circuit court of appeals finds liking Facebook pages to be constitutionally protected speech.

Roof coating forensics  4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars

Understanding the science of roof coatings will help you look for and prevent many roofing problems.

Elevating professionalism  4.7 stars4.7 stars4.7 stars4.7 stars4.7 stars

Educating employees is an indicator of professionalism that speaks for itself.


The roofing industry has a great story to tell.

Tech Today 
Lightweight structural concrete roof decks present moisture concerns.

Capitol Hill 
NRCA members meet in Washington, D.C., to discuss legislative issues affecting the roofing industry.

As I was saying …  5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars
To build a strong workforce, the industry needs to do a better job of recruiting, training and retaining its workers.