June 2002


Record keeping revisited  4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars

OSHA has revised its record-keeping rule, and you should understand its changes.

Oh captain, our captain  5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars

Meet Don McCrory, NRCA's 2002-03 president.

TPOs—commodity or specialty?  4.6 stars4.6 stars4.6 stars4.6 stars4.6 stars

TPO roof systems, though popular, are more complicated than they seem.

Some like it cold; some like it hot  4.3 stars4.3 stars4.3 stars4.3 stars4.3 stars

The benefits of cold- and hot-applied roof systems are discussed.

Shopping around  2.7 stars2.7 stars2.7 stars2.7 stars2.7 stars

The reroofing of a mall in the Pocono Mountains required expert management.



Industry Focus 
Crude oil price increases may affect the U.S. economy.

Capitol Corner 

Legal Corner 
about legal issues surrounding racial harassment in the workplace.

Essentials  1.7 stars1.7 stars1.7 stars1.7 stars1.7 stars
Learn about steep-slope roof covering options.

Technology Today 
Read about the equiviscous temperature (EVT) concept for the application of interplay mopping asphalt in built-up roof systems.