January 2007


Saving energy with spray foam  

Spray polyurethane foam contributes to energy performances of roofs.

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Conducting employee background checks can lead to potential liabilites for your company.

A new beginning 

Brazos Urethane Inc. replaces the roof on the Louisiana Superdome after Hurricane Katrina.

What lies ahead? 

NRCA must consider the Democrat-controlled 110th Congress and its effect on roofing issues.


The midterm elections show people voted against a party, not for candidates.

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Review some Machiavellian leadership philosophies.

Safe Solutions 
Obtaining and reviewing certificates of insurance is important.

Capitol Hill 
ROOFPAC performed well during the 2006 election.

Technical Elements 
Learn about the uses and proper installation of scuppers.

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NRCA has published a new manual that includes some major revisions.

As I was saying ... 
NRCA's influence extends to roofing professional throughout the world.