March 2007


Make no mistake 

Learn how to avoid 10 of the most common mistakes employers make regarding employment practices.

Flying high 

Western Roofing Service installs a built-up roof system on a United Airlines maintenance facility.

It's all about the vision 

Understanding your passion is the key to successful strategic planning.

Taking Control 

Careful estate planning will protect your family and business.

Understanding wind-resistant design  4.1 stars4.1 stars4.1 stars4.1 stars4.1 stars

Proper wind design of low-slope roof systems can be easier than you think.

Do you do this? 
Photos illustrate correct low-slope installation techniques and common mistakes made in the field.


NRCA's 120th Annual Convention and the 2007 International Roofing Expo have much to offer.

Learn how to use apologies appropriately in the workplace.

Safe Solutions 
Review the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's standards for occupational exposure to asbestos.

Capitol Hill 
The next president will dictate regulatory policy affecting NRCA members.

Technical Elements 
The NRCA Roofing Manual: Membrane Roof Systems—2007 includes three introductions for its construction details.

Tech Today 
FM Global has made several changes affecting roof assemblies.

As I was saying … 
The NRCA/MRCA CERTA program has proved successful since its inception three years ago.