June 2007


A long time coming 

Roberts Roofing and Siding Inc. installs a roof system on the new Indianapolis International Airport.

Apples to apples? 

Local preference laws can determine the awarding of public contracts.

Making it easier 

Miami-Dade County uses technology to meet exceptional permitting standards.

Climate conscious 

Consider regional influences when selecting roof coatings.

Standing up to hail  4.9 stars4.9 stars4.9 stars4.9 stars4.9 stars

Performances of several roof systems are reviewed to evaluate protection against hail damage.

An NRCA legacy 

Bob Daly takes on the role of NRCA president.


Professional Roofing begins to offer new online content this month.

Business-related expenses may qualify as a legitimate tax deduction.

Safe Solutions  5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars
Proper material handling is an essential part of a successful roofing project.

Capitol Hill 
The change in congressional majority has had little effect on NRCA's agenda so far.

Technical Elements 
NRCA offers edge metal recommendations to ensure proper design.

Tech Today 
A new report released by NRCA and MRCA questions variability within the fire test method for evaluating roof systems.

As I was saying … 
The roofing industry will have a critical role in the move toward solar power generation.