April 2014


Housing starts rise in March 04/17/2014
Unemployment holds steady in March 04/04/2014
U.S. consumer confidence rises in March 04/02/2014
Housing starts fall in February 03/19/2014
Unemployment increases in February 03/09/2014
U.S. consumer confidence falls in February 03/05/2014
Housing starts fall in January 02/21/2014
Unemployment falls in January 02/10/2014
U.S. consumer confidence rises in January 02/04/2014
Economy expanded at 3.2 percent pace during the fourth quarter of 2013 01/30/2014
Roof collapse could be the result of accumulated snow 01/27/2014
Unemployment falls in December 2013 01/13/2014
Los Angeles is first major city to mandate cool roofs on all new residences 01/09/2014
U.S. consumer confidence rises in December 2013 01/02/2014
Housing starts rise in November 12/18/2013
Unemployment falls in November 12/10/2013
U.S. consumer confidence falls in November 12/02/2013
Unemployment rises in October 11/08/2013
Economy expanded at 2.8 percent pace during the third quarter 11/07/2013
U.S. consumer confidence falls sharply in October 11/01/2013
Unemployment falls in September 10/25/2013
IKEA starts selling residential solar panels 10/09/2013
U.S. consumer confidence falls in September 09/26/2013
Housing starts rise in August 09/18/2013
Unemployment falls slightly in August 09/06/2013
Economy grew more than estimated during the second quarter 08/29/2013
New construction starts expected to rise 6 percent in 2013 08/20/2013
Housing starts rise in July 08/20/2013
U.S. consumer confidence falls in July 08/08/2013
Unemployment falls in July 08/05/2013
Economy expanded at 1.7 percent pace during the second quarter 07/31/2013
Caterpillar profit falls during second quarter 07/25/2013
Housing starts fall in June 07/18/2013
U.S. consumer confidence rises in June 07/15/2013
Unemployment holds steady in June 07/05/2013
Housing starts rise in May 06/20/2013
Unemployment rises in May 06/14/2013
U.S. consumer confidence rises in May 06/10/2013
Hanley Wood acquires USGBC's Greenbuild expo 05/28/2013
Housing starts fall in April 05/17/2013
Unemployment falls in April 05/09/2013
Housing starts rise in March 04/17/2013
Senators will release immigration plan 04/16/2013
Unemployment falls in March 04/05/2013
U.S. consumer confidence falls in March 03/28/2013
Housing starts rise in February 03/27/2013
Unemployment falls in February 03/08/2013
NRCA member sponsors Phoenix Racing at Daytona 03/01/2013
Housing starts fall in January 02/27/2013
U.S. consumer confidence rises in February 02/27/2013
Unemployment rises in January 02/04/2013
Economy contracted at 0.1 percent pace during the fourth quarter of 2012 02/01/2013
Housing starts rise in December 2012 01/18/2013
U.S. consumer confidence falls in December 2012 01/11/2013
Unemployment holds steady in December 01/04/2013
Housing starts fall in November 12/19/2012
U.S. consumer confidence rises in November 12/13/2012
Unemployment falls in November 12/11/2012
Economy grew more than estimated during the third quarter 12/11/2012
Fewer schools offer construction programs 12/05/2012
Construction industry struggles with worker shortage 12/03/2012
Housing starts hit four-year high in October 11/30/2012
U.S. consumer confidence rises in October 11/13/2012
Unemployment rises in October as work force grows 11/05/2012
Economy grew at 2 percent pace during the third quarter 10/30/2012
Reasons why family businesses fail 10/30/2012
Caterpillar cuts profit view 10/29/2012
Housing starts reach four-year high in September 10/23/2012
Unemployment falls in September 10/05/2012
U.S. consumer confidence rises in September 10/05/2012
U.S. revises hiring numbers 09/28/2012
Housing starts increased in August 09/27/2012
Measure of U.S. economic activity declined in August 09/25/2012
Unemployment falls in August 09/07/2012
Unemployment rose in 44 states in July 08/31/2012
U.S. consumer confidence drops in August 08/29/2012
Housing starts decreased in July 08/23/2012
Unemployment rises in July 08/03/2012
Unemployment rose in 27 states in June 07/25/2012
Housing starts increased in June 07/25/2012
Unemployment holds steady in June 07/06/2012
U.S. consumer confidence drops in June 06/27/2012
Unemployment rose in 18 states in May 06/25/2012
Unemployment rate rises in May 06/04/2012
U.S. consumer confidence drops in May 05/30/2012
Unemployment fell in 37 states in April 05/25/2012
U.S. orders tariffs on Chinese solar panels 05/23/2012
Unemployment rate drops in April 05/04/2012
Productivity falls during the first quarter 05/04/2012
Housing starts declined in March 05/03/2012
Economy grew 2.2 percent during the first quarter 04/30/2012
U.S. consumer confidence holds steady in April 04/27/2012
U.S. labor force is growing at a slower pace 04/18/2012
Record snow in Alaska city damages roofs 04/12/2012
Unemployment rate drops in March 04/09/2012
Smog-eating tiles could reduce pollution 04/03/2012
U.S. consumer confidence falls in March 04/02/2012
Economy grew at 3 percent pace during final quarter of 2011 03/21/2012
Unemployment fell in 45 states in January 03/15/2012
U.S. consumer confidence rises in February 03/12/2012
Unemployment rate holds steady in February 03/09/2012
U.S. consumer confidence drops in January 02/10/2012
Small businesses experience slower hiring 02/10/2012
Unemployment rate drops in January 02/06/2012
Businesses can turn angry customers into loyal customers 02/01/2012
Caterpillar offers optimistic economic outlook 01/30/2012
Economy grew 2.8 percent during the fourth quarter of 2011 01/30/2012
Unemployment fell in 37 states in December 2011 01/26/2012
Housing starts declined in December 2011 01/24/2012
More states decide to buy from veteran-owned businesses 01/16/2012
Obama administration proposes easing path for illegal immigrants 01/10/2012
Unemployment rate drops in December 2011 01/06/2012
U.S. consumer confidence rises in December 2011 01/05/2012
Supreme Court to hear challenge of Arizona immigration law 12/13/2011
SBA's disaster assistance lending surpasses $50 billion 12/08/2011
Unemployment rate drops in November 12/08/2011
Lawmakers cut HUD's construction fund for the poor 12/06/2011
U.S. consumer confidence rises in November 11/29/2011
Obama administration extends crackdown on companies' illegal hires 11/18/2011
Strong storm blows off roofs in Alaska 11/11/2011
U.S. consumer confidence falls in October 11/08/2011
Unemployment rate dips in October 11/04/2011
Workers costs increase faster than salaries 11/03/2011
U.S. economy grew 2.5 percent during the third quarter 10/31/2011
Unemployment fell in 25 states in September 10/24/2011
U.S. consumer confidence was unchanged in September 10/13/2011
Unemployment rate was unchanged in September 10/10/2011
Google announces investment in rooftop solar panels 09/30/2011
Recession has reshaped the U.S.' economic map 09/30/2011
Poverty surges in U.S. in 2010 09/15/2011
Tax cuts target small businesses 09/14/2011
FBI raids solar panel company's headquarters 09/13/2011
Unemployment fell in most U.S. cities in July 09/09/2011
Obama is expected to propose $300 billion jobs plan 09/07/2011
Workplace fatalities fell slightly in 2010 09/06/2011
U.S. consumer confidence plummets in August 09/06/2011
Unemployment rate was unchanged in August 09/06/2011
Economy demonstrates slow growth during the second quarter 08/29/2011
Unemployment rose in 28 states in July 08/23/2011
Caterpillar sees slower growth in dealer sales 08/19/2011
Obama will propose plans regarding job creation, debt reduction 08/18/2011
Lack of small-business hiring is affecting economic recovery 08/16/2011
Productivity drops during the spring 08/12/2011
Unemployment rate falls in July 08/05/2011
Unemployment rose in most U.S. cities in June 08/05/2011
U.S. economy grew 1.3 percent during the second quarter 08/03/2011
U.S. consumer confidence improves slightly 07/27/2011
Federal debt-limit actions will affect construction industry 07/25/2011
Proposal to speed union votes draws fire from employers 07/22/2011
Unemployment rate rises in June 07/11/2011
Unemployment rate rises in May 06/03/2011
U.S. consumer confidence falls 06/01/2011
Unemployment rate rises in April 05/06/2011
U.S. economy grew 1.8 percent during the first quarter 05/03/2011
Unemployment drops in two-thirds of states 04/25/2011
Court upholds block on parts of Arizona immigration law 04/12/2011
State and local revenues grow amid budget shortfalls 04/08/2011
Unemployment rate falls in March 04/04/2011
Unemployment rate hits lowest level in almost two years 03/04/2011
U.S. consumer confidence hits three-year high 02/22/2011
States seeking Arizona-type immigration law face realities 02/22/2011
Companies expect increased hiring 02/11/2011
Unemployment rate decreases in January 02/04/2011
Unemployment increases in 20 states, drops in 15 01/28/2011
House votes to repeal health care law 01/21/2011
Unemployment rate decreases in December 2010 01/12/2011
Consumer confidence falls in December 01/03/2011
Lending to U.S. small businesses declines 12/29/2010
Job openings increase to most in two years 12/08/2010
Construction unemployment rate increases to 18.8 percent 12/06/2010
Unemployment rate increases in November 12/06/2010
Small-business bankruptcies fall during third quarter 12/03/2010
Small-business employment growth signals recovery 11/30/2010
Jobs were added in 41 states in October 11/23/2010
House rejects jobless benefits bill 11/22/2010
Green job growth may slow with next Congress 11/22/2010
U.S. homebuilder confidence increases in November 11/22/2010
U.S. industrial production was weak in October 11/17/2010
Recent NLRB decisions said to tilt in favor of unions 11/15/2010
Larger small businesses receive more financing 11/10/2010
OPEC boosts global oil-demand forecast 11/10/2010
Unemployment rate remains unchanged in October 11/08/2010
U.S. economy grew slightly faster during the third quarter 11/01/2010
U.S. consumer confidence was weak in October 10/28/2010
U.S. consumer confidence was weak in October 10/28/2010
Donors send millions to help defend Arizona immigration law 10/28/2010
Unemployment rate falls in 23 states in September 10/26/2010
U.S. home construction increases slightly 10/19/2010
Fed intends to act to boost economy 10/18/2010
SBA program provides record financing for small businesses 10/15/2010
Unemployment rate was unchanged in September 10/11/2010
Estimated $29 billion lost on federal bailouts 10/08/2010
Buildings may one day wear biological "skins" 10/08/2010
SBA-backed loans continued to rebound in fiscal year 2010 10/08/2010
Global economy gains as U.S. growth slows 10/07/2010
White House report says stimulus package is a success 10/04/2010
Household income plummeted in 2009 09/29/2010
Slower productivity may boost hiring 09/23/2010
Number of uninsured surged during recession 09/22/2010
Job openings increase for the first time since April 09/09/2010
Obama pushes tax plan to help economy, job creation 09/09/2010
Study shows U.S. is less competitive in global economy 09/09/2010
Bigger share of health care costs falls to employees 09/07/2010
Unemployment rate increases in August 09/03/2010
Number of illegal immigrants in U.S. falls in 2009 09/02/2010
Consumer confidence increases in August 09/01/2010
Economists say stimulus created nearly 3 million jobs 08/31/2010
Small businesses delay spending, wait for aid 08/31/2010
Economy slows to 1.6 percent 08/30/2010
Jobless claims decline, easing worries 08/30/2010
Small-business lending is down 08/25/2010
Unemployment rate falls in 18 states 08/23/2010
Workplace fatalities fall in 2009 08/20/2010
Small businesses represent bulk of job losses 08/19/2010
Caterpillar expands its manufacturing in the South 08/19/2010
Fed takes small step to boost economy 08/11/2010
Decline in U.S. productivity may signal need for hiring 08/10/2010
Virginia legal opinion authorizes checks of immigration status 08/10/2010
Democrats focus on manufacturing boost to create jobs 08/09/2010
Unemployment rate remains unchanged in July 08/06/2010
Economic recovery slows as consumer spending weakens 07/30/2010
Small businesses are a focus of political parties 07/30/2010
Federal judge blocks portions of Arizona immigration law 07/29/2010
Obama urges Congress to pass small-business initiatives 07/29/2010
Congress approves extension of emergency jobless benefits 07/26/2010
States struggle to handle unemployment-insurance fraud 07/22/2010
Economic recovery is slower than expected 07/20/2010
Jobless benefits are set to end 07/19/2010
Justice Department sues Arizona over immigration law 07/12/2010
More than 1 million unemployed workers lose benefits 07/02/2010
Unemployment rate falls to 9.5 percent in June 07/02/2010
Recession has affected more than half of U.S. workers 07/02/2010
Senate rejects expanded spending package 06/28/2010
Senate works to advance tax and safety net legislation 06/23/2010
Obama urges Congress to pass job initiatives 06/14/2010
Unemployment rate falls to 9.7 percent 06/09/2010
House passes bill with unemployment benefits, tax breaks 06/02/2010
Unemployment rates fall in 34 states, D.C. 05/27/2010
Economists expect solid U.S. growth 05/25/2010
Senate passes overhaul of financial regulations 05/24/2010
Senate passes measure to increase oversight of the Fed 05/12/2010
States cut tax incentives to help close budget gaps 05/12/2010
Unemployment rate rises to 9.9 percent 05/07/2010
SBA grants will promote energy efficiency 05/06/2010
Unemployment rates fell in most cities in March 04/29/2010
Large manufacturers see signs of recovery 04/29/2010
Economic recovery is stronger than expected 04/27/2010
Arizona governor signs controversial immigration bill 04/27/2010
Construction jobs rose in 26 states in March 04/20/2010
Congress restores jobless benefits 04/16/2010
Small businesses wait for economic rebound 04/16/2010
Senate votes to advance jobless benefits 04/14/2010
OSHA increases oversight of state safety agencies 04/09/2010
Unemployment rate holds steady at 9.7 percent 04/07/2010
Unemployment benefits expire for thousands 04/07/2010
Industry groups want to delay lead dust regulation 04/01/2010
Congress approves amendments to health reform bill 03/29/2010
Obama signs health care reform bill 03/26/2010
States launch lawsuits against health care reform bill 03/26/2010
Federal Reserve holds interest rates at record lows 03/19/2010
Construction spending drops in January 03/10/2010
House passes $15 billion jobs measure 03/09/2010
E-Verify failing to catch half of illegal workers 03/08/2010
U.S. unemployment rate holds steady in February 03/08/2010
The Home Depot® announces $1 million for trade scholarship program 02/25/2010
Senate vote advances $15 billion jobs bill 02/25/2010
Reid wants to pare down bill, pass job provisions 02/15/2010
White House report predicts lukewarm job growth in 2010 02/12/2010
First-time jobless claims drop sharply 02/11/2010
Congress considers extending unemployment benefits 02/09/2010
U.S. unemployment rate falls in January 02/09/2010
Obama proposes $30 billion for small-business loans 02/02/2010
Economic stimulus created 600,000 jobs at the end of 2009 02/02/2010
Economy grows at fastest pace since 2003 02/02/2010
Senators act to thwart EPA emissions efforts 01/27/2010
Survey reveals construction industry's grim outlook 01/22/2010
States urge delay on emission rules 01/14/2010
White House estimates 168,000 construction jobs saved or created 01/14/2010
Employers cut more jobs than expected in December 2009 01/11/2010
U.S. jobless claims fall unexpectedly 01/05/2010
UL announces dual evaluation and certification program 12/11/2009
Unemployment rate drops to 10 percent in November 12/07/2009
Web site offers green building report 12/04/2009
Economists expect joblessness will start to ebb in 2010 12/01/2009
Jobless benefits will expire unless Congress acts 11/20/2009
USGBC launches LEED® Pilot Credit Library 11/16/2009
Small businesses struggle amid increasing unemployment 11/12/2009
OSHA reveals top 10 safety violations for 2009 11/10/2009
Unemployment rate increases to 10.2 percent in October 11/09/2009
El Niño is expected to influence winter weather in the U.S. 11/06/2009
Senate addresses unemployment benefits, homebuyer aid 11/02/2009
Unemployment rate rises to 9.8 percent in September 10/06/2009
August unemployment rate rises more than expected 09/10/2009
U.S.' economic decline seems to be moderating 08/07/2009
Job losses slow as jobless rate declines 08/07/2009
Unemployment increases in 48 states 06/30/2009
Federal Reserve reports recession could be easing 06/16/2009
Unemployment rate increases, pace of layoffs eases 06/09/2009
Increased confidence contributes to financial improvement 05/27/2009
Stimulus package helps green job growth 05/08/2009
EPA shows effects of carbon caps proposal 04/27/2009
Jobless claims rise more than expected 04/27/2009
Caterpillar’s loss reflects unhealthy bottom line 04/22/2009
Ads are used in Employee Free Choice Act debate 04/17/2009
McGraw-Hill Construction provides forecasts for 2009 04/16/2009
Unemployment rate continues to rise in March 04/06/2009
Number of LEED® projects doubled in 2008 04/06/2009
Lending plan aims to boost small businesses 03/25/2009
Dow Chemical, Rohm & Haas reach settlement 03/10/2009
Unemployment rate climbs in February 03/09/2009
U.S. jobless claims exceed 5 million 02/27/2009
Global oil demand expected to drop 1.2 percent 02/17/2009
Unemployment rate soars in January 02/09/2009
Dow Chemical posts significant fourth-quarter loss 02/03/2009
New home construction dropped sharply in December 2008 01/29/2009
U.S. employers make significant job cuts 01/28/2009
Effects of stimulus package may be slow 01/26/2009
State tax revenues dropped in 2008 as economy weakened 01/21/2009
Unemployment rate rises in December 01/15/2009
November construction spending was better than expected 01/08/2009
Analysts speculate on Dow Chemical/Rohm & Haas deal 01/05/2009
Jobless claims fall, outlook doesn't change 12/19/2008
Manufacturing continues to decline in the U.S. 12/17/2008
Poll shows pessimism about the U.S. economy 12/16/2008
Job losses were higher than expected in November 12/10/2008
Oil and gas prices hit four-year lows 12/08/2008
Construction industry hopes for a rebound 12/01/2008
Congress approves extension of jobless benefits 11/24/2008
More professionals seek training as green building booms 11/20/2008
SBA changes loan program to assist small businesses 11/19/2008
Government limits expansion of E-Verify program 11/17/2008
Job losses continue in October 11/07/2008
SBA contracting numbers are confirmed 10/28/2008
Construction industry prepares for cutbacks 10/24/2008
Jobless claims increase more than expected 10/23/2008
U.S. sees significant drop in big industry production 10/22/2008
U.S. government launches business Web site 10/17/2008
September was ninth consecutive month of job losses 10/08/2008
Jobless rate hits five-year high in August 09/08/2008
Survey results demonstrate workers' anxieties 09/03/2008
Contractors face dilemma amid material price increases 08/28/2008
Fewer workers were killed on the job in 2007 08/21/2008
SBA promotes Patriot Express loans for military members 08/20/2008
With a struggling economy, many are rushing to recycle 08/14/2008
Employers shed 51,000 jobs in July 08/05/2008
Federal minimum wage increases—but so do prices 07/24/2008
Enforcement laws against employers criticized 07/24/2008
McDonald’s franchisee is fined for immigration violation 07/22/2008
SBA will propose new small-business size standards 07/17/2008
Employers cut 62,000 jobs in June 07/08/2008
Prices of building materials rise with oil prices 06/27/2008
Safety is discussed after Las Vegas construction deaths 06/13/2008
Employers cut 49,000 jobs in May 06/11/2008
Hispanic workers stay in U.S. despite job losses 06/09/2008
Judge says immigration law is most likely unconstitutional 06/05/2008
Workers accidentally start Universal Studios fire 06/05/2008
Laws protect workers who report discrimination 05/30/2008
Jobless claims fall to lowest level in a month 05/23/2008
Tornado activity deadliest in a decade 05/16/2008
Productivity rises in U.S. amid economic slowdown 05/16/2008
Fewer small businesses offer health insurance 05/09/2008
U.S. sheds fewer jobs than expected in April 05/09/2008
H-2B bill meets resistance in the House 04/09/2008
Jobless claims are highest since 2005 04/04/2008
Foundation releases data about new businesses 03/31/2008
Slowdown expected in commercial construction 03/20/2008
Job market continues to weaken 03/13/2008
Florida court rules on insurance coverage 01/15/2008
SBA offers credit management resource 01/10/2008
AMT bill could cause tax refund delays 12/20/2007
Unemployment claims drop 15,000 12/10/2007
SBA and Nationwide launch disaster planning guide 12/06/2007
IRS announces new business driving mileage rate 11/30/2007
Human resources software helps small companies 11/27/2007
New construction increased in October 11/26/2007
House approves gay-rights bill 11/13/2007
Green roof study demonstrates environmental benefits 11/01/2007
Employers offer programs, incentives to help smokers quit 10/29/2007
Immigrants protest increased deportation and raids 10/29/2007
Vote delays minimum wage increase, tax cuts 10/29/2007
Judge blocks implementation of “no-match” rule 10/12/2007
Court delays crackdown on illegal workers 10/03/2007
Taxpayers can take steps to lower their 2007 tax bills 09/19/2007
Overweight employees respond to financial incentives 09/13/2007
Democrats propose union-supported measures 09/12/2007
Construction industry is surviving amid troubled market 08/30/2007
Jobless claims fall by 2,000 08/28/2007
Construction of new homes at a 10-year low 08/20/2007
Federal government issues “no-match” guidelines 08/14/2007
Businesses resent new immigration responsibilities 08/02/2007
Illegal immigration law is voided in Pennsylvania town 07/30/2007
Minimum wage increase takes effect 07/24/2007
Employers protect workers from heat 07/24/2007
U.S. to accept some rejected work visa applications 07/17/2007
Survey shows one in 12 U.S. workers use illegal drugs 07/17/2007
Manufacturing sector grows amid inflation concerns 07/13/2007
U.S. Department of Labor reports job growth 07/10/2007
Disaster loan program reopens for small businesses 07/09/2007
Arizona bill on hiring illegal immigrants moves forward 07/05/2007
Immigration bill fails in Senate 07/05/2007
Union-related bill is blocked 06/28/2007
Job losses appear minor during major housing slump 06/27/2007
The Supreme Court puts a time limit on pay bias lawsuits 06/27/2007
Employment in nonresidential construction increases 06/27/2007
Are roofs the new billoards? 06/21/2007