The Calcaire House is a 15,000-square-foot single-family residential compound in Boulder, Colo., consisting of five interconnected buildings. To meet the city of Boulder’s net-zero energy standard for new construction, Boulder Roofing Inc., Boulder, and The Solar Revolution, Boulder, were tasked with installing a 60-kilowatt photovoltaic system on multiple rooftops.

Installers used S-5!®’s PVKIT 2.0 to build the solar array on the ground to minimize workers’ time in harnesses on the steep-slope roofs. The modules were prepped with S-5! MidGrabs and EdgeGrabs, power optimizers and wire. Once on the roof, workers installed the modules starting with the bottom row and worked up.

The solar solution successfully met city requirements to achieve a net-zero energy home while providing the homeowners with an aesthetically pleasing design.

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