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Patented technology for wind resistance

Owens Corning-patented SureNail® Technology is the first and only reinforced nailing zone on the face of the shingle. Embedded into every Duration® Series shingle, the tough, engineered woven fabric strip creates a highly durable fastener zone with outstanding gripping power. SureNail delivers 130-mph wind limited warranty performance with fewer nails, two times the common bond area of standard shingles and an easy-to-see target area for "no-guess" nailing. For more information, call (800) GET-PINK® or visit

TITE-LOC roof panel: great looks and performance

Petersen's TITE-LOC panels combine structural performance with architectural aesthetics. TITE-LOC is corrective-leveled for superior flatness, and a factory-applied sealant offers additional weather resistance. The panels are mechanically seamed in the field to 90 degrees. TITE-LOC panels have a 30-year nonprorated warranty. They are available in three variations and more than 40 colors (most meet LEED,® ENERGY STAR® and cool roof certification). For information about Petersen's full product line, visit or call (800) PAC-CLAD.

COLOR Snap™ by AceClamp®

AceClamp has made installing snow-retention systems on standing-seam metal roofs easier and quicker than ever. COLOR Snap simply snaps into retaining clips that have been pre-installed on AceClamp's unique clamps. The setup for the snow-retention system begins with installation of AceClamp's fully assembled, nonpenetrating fasteners on the standing-seam metal roof ribs. The extruded COLOR Snap bar is then set below the fasteners and slid up until it snaps into place. The bolts on the clips that hold the bar in place are tightened to complete the installation. Finally, a color-matching, 2-inch-wide metal strip is inserted into the bar's front-facing groove, blending the entire rail system into the color scheme of the roof. Unique to this system are the ice clips that also accept a 2-inch-wide color strip that snaps into the rail with no screws or hardware needed. For more information, visit or call (860) 351-0686.

Stay safe with a Safety Hoist material hoist

Manually carrying bulky, heavy materials puts you and your workers at high risk of injury. Choose a safe, simple, affordable Safety Hoist material hoist. Decrease the risk of injuries, reduce worker fatigue, increase productivity, cut workers' compensation claims and minimize the likelihood of being fined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for improperly carrying heavy items up a ladder. See how at or call (877) 99-HOIST.

Garland's R-Mer® Force revolutionizes edge protection

Garland's new flashless metal edge system offers unmatched protection while saving building owners time and money. R-Mer Force eliminates the need for flashing plies and instead is anchored to exterior walls. Fascia cover pieces easily snap onto installed anchors. For more information, visit or call (800) 321-9336.

NRCA's consulting services

Looking for advice about a current business issue or just want to bounce an idea off an expert? NRCA now offers consulting services for free as part of your membership.

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