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Premium self-adhering base and cap sheets

Polyglass USA Inc.'s self-adhering polymer-modified bitumen base and cap sheets feature patented ADESO® Technology. This unique technology results in a dual-compound membrane with an aggressive adhesive bottom. Polyglass SA Membranes also feature SealLap,® a factory-treated selvage edge and FastLap,® a granule-free end lap to make installation easy. Available in APP—Polyflex,® and SBS—Elastoflex,® both cap sheet formulations are available in 10 colors designed to complement any building. Contact your local distributor and ask for Elastoflex and Polyflex membranes today or visit

Electrical roof flashing

Menzies Metal Products now has a professional solution for waterproof electrical cables required on roof systems. The aluminum base has a 12-inch water height and 4-inch roof flange that is insulated to prevent condensation. Made from heavy plastic, the electrical head is CSA- and UL-approved. The electrical stack and head allow waterproofing at the roof and cable exit points and also are available in TPO. For more information, visit or call (800) 665-8840.

Build your boom

The 2012 National 8100D 23-ton crane (boom) on a new Pete, a popular roofing model, is an ideal roofing crane. But at ALT Sales Corp., we also can build the boom truck you need. Our specialists can customize to any need and budget. To ensure we exceed expectations while meeting your requirements, we will help you choose your make of truck and crane, capacity, boom type and length, jib size and more. Custom hydraulics and specialty accessory items are also available. Visit or call (330) 659-2100.

An alternative energy source

MBCI offers two photovoltaic (PV) systems that work well for existing or new commercial construction projects. The first is a rigid glass-based polycrystalline silicon module that can be installed on standing-seam metal roof systems using a nonpenetrating clamp. The second is flexible thin film that typically is adhered to a metal roof panel in a factory environment. Metal roofs make ideal substrates for PV systems because they can be installed without penetrating the metal roof panel and the metal roof is poised to outlive the solar equipment, saving removal and replacement costs. For more information, visit or call (877) 713-6224.

Permanent or temporary solution for roof safety

Miller Fall Protection introduces the new Miller Fusion Roof Anchor Post (RAP) that provides a versatile single-point anchorage for workers conducting maintenance on industrial-style roof systems. The innovative base plate is engineered for temporary or permanent installation to the roof surface, and attachment to the roof surface is quick and easy, reducing installation time more than 50 percent. In the event of a fall, the top of the Miller RAP re-orients with the force in a direct line and activates the energy absorber. For more information, visit

Mobile website

A.C.T. Metal Deck Supply announces the launch of its mobile website. You can access metal deck profiles, find locations and request quotes all from your smart phone while on the road or at a job site. A.C.T. has a complete inventory of roof and floor decks in stock in 11 locations: Chicago; St. Louis; Indianapolis; Kansas City, Mo.; Fort Worth, Texas; San Antonio; Knoxville, Tenn.; Greensboro, N.C.; Jacksonville, Fla.; Columbus, Ohio; Atlanta; and is coming soon to Houston. Make A.C.T. Metal Deck Supply your one-stop metal deck shop! Contact us at or (800) 894-7741 today!

Mobile roof assessment

RoofLogic introduces RoofLogic Mobile, a mobile version of its roof system assessment system that allows users to record inspection information, complete with drawings and photos, on the rooftop with a tablet or phone. Reports generated on-site are accessible immediately via the customer portal. A mobile app only is as good as its platform. A proven track record of dependability is required and what is delivered with RoofLogic. For more information, visit

Foam Roof Cutter

West Environmental's SCARFER allows contractors to repair or replace damaged foam roofs by cutting off a roof's surface down to dry, smooth foam. Smart contractors use the SCARFER to save time, labor and waste disposal costs and decrease liability. The SCARFER is lightweight for easy lifting and handling on roofs. Machine operation is simple, allowing roofing crews to be productive. For more information, call (800) 356-5748.


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