Unemployment increases in 20 states, drops in 15

The jobless rate increased in 20 states, fell in 15 and held steady in another 15 in December 2010, according to The Washington Post. This could signal a sluggish job market despite economic growth.

The December 2010 numbers are similar to November 2010 when the jobless rate increased in 21 states, dropped in 15 and held steady in 14.

Only 15 states reported net job gains, with the most in Texas, which added 20,000 jobs, and South Carolina, which added 9,000 jobs. North Dakota had the lowest unemployment rate at 3.8 percent followed by Nebraska at 4.4 percent and South Dakota at 4.6 percent.

Nevada had the highest unemployment rate at 14.5 percent followed by California at 12.5 percent and Florida at 12 percent.

Date : 1/28/2011