NRCA offers snow remediation hazard analysis

As winter weather blasts the U.S., many owners of commercial, industrial and residential properties are faced with damage or the potential for damage from excessive snow buildup on roofs.

A cubic foot of snow may weigh between 10 and 30 pounds. Loads imposed on buildings by snow accumulation can reach critical limits, and partial or complete collapse of a structure may result. Snow loads also may cause deflection in support members sufficient to damage electrical conduits, natural or propane gas lines, water or fluid piping and other building appurtenances. Significant snow accumulations combined with freeze/thaw temperature cycles or melting caused by sunlight can affect roof system drainage and allow water intrusion to a building.

NRCA offers a snow remediation hazard analysis based on low- and steep-slope exposures, as well as some suggested controls for those hazards. View the analysis.

In addition, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and CPWR—The Center for Construction Research and Training offers resources to help employers and their workers prepare for winter weather and provide information about hazards workers may face during and after winter storms.

Contractors also can share NRCA’s consumer information to help homeowners handle roof repairs after a snowstorm.

Date : Jan. 01, 0001


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