The Petrick Report

I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone. My days—and I am sure most of yours—have been dominated by working with our manufacturers and distributors to determine realistic delivery dates. Last week, I requested a realistic delivery date and was told the week of Thanksgiving!

We all are seeing unprecedented material price increases and shortages in our industry. During my visits with manufacturers, they told me they are seeing the entire supply chain affected by delays, raw materials shortages and the logistics of getting materials shipped to contractors.

As contractors, we need to be proactive with our local manufacturers’ representatives, distributors and customers so we can attempt to meet everyone’s expectations. This can start by not hoarding materials (remember toilet paper) as manufacturers already are struggling, and this practice will exacerbate the supply issues.

NRCA’s technical department has been busy working with contractors, manufacturers and the various listing agencies to allow for the mixing of screws and plates from different manufacturers in approved systems.

NRCA General Counsel Trent Cotney has been distributing information to help contractors handle delays and price increases and keep clients informed regarding the issues we all are experiencing.

Recently, the NRCA Executive Committee was able to meet in person to work on various NRCA initiatives and ongoing projects. NRCA ProCertification® continues to move forward, and as we begin to work on the next modules, we will need subject matter experts for our task forces. If you can help, please contact NRCA staff.

I am excited NRCA’s Midyear Meetings will be held as scheduled in early July; everyone can meet face to face and have an open exchange of ideas. In 2020, all committees met via Zoom and did a fantastic job. NRCA staff and committee members met often and kept all projects on schedule. Great work by all!

The 2021 International Roofing Expo® will be held in early August in Las Vegas. This will be the first time the industry has been able to meet in person at a major trade show. ROOFPAC and the Roofing Alliance have events planned on Monday during the trade show and educational programs will take place Tuesday through Thursday. NRCA ProCertification hands-on testing also will be happening as qualified assessors observe and assess the next group of NRCA ProCertified® roof system installers.

In October, NRCA’s Legal Conference will be in Austin, Texas. This is an opportunity to meet with your industry peers for a packed three-day conference offering information about current legal, contractual, technical and business programs to help your company’s operations.

As COVID-19 vaccines are helping to get the U.S. to herd immunity and allowing the country to open up, NRCA leadership is starting to travel to visit manufacturers and attend affiliate meetings. Our education department is working to get back to in-person training; virtual training also is available. If you need training, NRCA can help. Give staff a call and check out the great programs available to you.

In closing, I hope everyone—contractors, raw material suppliers, manufacturers and distributors—can work together during this difficult time. As in the past, we will emerge stronger as an industry and know how to work better together.

I hope you had a safe Memorial Day and took time to remember those who gave all so we can live free!

Date : Jan. 01, 0001


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