• Key City values

    by Chrystine Elle Hanus

    Jim Barr, NRCA's new chairman of the board and president of Barr Roofing Co., Abilene, Texas, embodies the core values of respect, integrity and service celebrated within the Abilene community. With his dedication to these values, drive to succeed and previous leadership experience, Barr is poised to take on the challenge of leading NRCA through many initiatives during the coming year.

  • The quest for dryness

    by Matt Dupuis, Ph.D., P.E.

    As the roofing industry adopted new roofing insulation, adhesives and membranes during recent decades, moisture in concrete roof decks has emerged as a growing problem that needs to be addressed. Many existing test methods do not accurately measure moisture levels. Consequently, several industry associations and companies currently are conducting research and gathering data to determine effective solutions.

  • Fit like a glove

    by Chrystine Elle Hanus

    When the 620,000-square-foot EPDM membrane roof system on Romeoville, Ill.-based Magid® Glove and Safety Manufacturing Co. LLC’s facility was failing, Ridgeworth Roofing Co. Inc., Frankfort, Ill., was selected to replace it. During 2016, Ridgeworth Roofing overcame safety and logistical challenges to install a new TPO membrane roof system on the facility, successfully completing Rideworth Roofing’s largest project to date.

  • Not as cool as advertised

    by Maciek Rupar

    During the past two decades, the list of codes and certification programs requiring highly reflective roof coverings has grown; many provide reflectivity requirements based on three-year-aged reflectance ratings. Results from three recent research projects conducted by the Midwest Roofing Contractors Association and NRCA reveal reflectance values for in-service roofs typically were lower than the products’ three-year-aged reflectance ratings.

  • Thermoplastics 101

    by Allison Reinert

    Customers expect roofing contractors to be knowledgeable about available products and systems, and some likely will need your guidance to understand thermoplastic roofing materials and roof system options. You should be prepared to explain the differences between PVC and TPO roof membranes, drawbacks and common installation methods and locations to help guide your customers through their research-gathering and decision-making processes.

Current Issue

Professional Roofing 06/01/2017

The June issue features Jim Barr, NRCA's new chairman of the board and president of Barr Roofing Co., Abilene, Texas; an examination of current test methods and ongoing research to measure moisture in concrete roof decks; Ridgeworth Roofing's installation of a 14-acre TPO membrane roof system on Magid® Glove and Safety Manufacturing's facility; the results of recent research evaluating the in-service performance of reflective roof membranes; and how to guide customers interested in learning about thermoplastic roofing materials and roof system options.

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