• Putting shingles to the test

    by Mark S. Graham

    During 2016, NRCA conducted limited physical property testing on several samples of new (uninstalled) asphalt shingle products to determine the samples’ compliance with an established standard compared with previous NRCA testing. The product testing revealed several samples do not exceed the minimum tear strength requirement, indicating it may be time for the industry to develop new evaluation criteria that correlates to actual field performance.

  • A path to English proficiency

    by Ricardo González

    Latino employees who demonstrate leadership potential may be held back from advancement because of English-language limitations. These employees often possess the industry knowledge required for promotion but lack necessary English skills. There are several steps employers can take to help employees achieve English fluency, including assessing individual employees’ skill levels and involving employees in a language program designed by a reputable training institute.

  • Roofing with art

    by Chrystine Elle Hanus

    When Pomona College, Claremont, Calif., needed a roof system for its new Studio Art Hall, it selected Eberhard Roofing & Waterproofing, Van Nuys, Calif., to design one that would match the beauty of the building and achieve LEED® certification. Eberhard Roofing & Waterproofing overcame several challenges to complete the installation of a canopy roof system with photovoltaic panels that will inspire student and faculty artists for years to come.

  • Disputing the details

    by William E. Burnett

    Roofing contractors’ rights, remedies and obligations typically are driven by contracts, and the contract usually is reviewed first when a dispute arises during a project. But sometimes disputes involve what constitutes the contract itself. Contractors must carefully read the terms and conditions of invoices and other documents to fully understand their implications.

  • Politics in the workplace

    by Gray I. Mateo-Harris

    As the controversial 2016 U.S. presidential election continues, employers can anticipate an increase in workplace issues stemming from employees’ political speech and activities. It is important for employers to understand politics in the workplace laws in the states in which their companies operate to develop action plans for compliance with applicable laws.

  • Under your influence

    by Heidi J. Ellsworth

    To be successful, a company needs to have sales and marketing teams that work together. A successful marketing team provides the tools the sales team uses to present a unified branding experience as they convert leads into customers. Companies that put time into establishing and maintaining strong relationships with customers ultimately will find their customers can become company promoters, leading to additional leads and sales.

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Professional Roofing 09/01/2016

The September issue features the results of NRCA's most recent asphalt shingles product testing; steps employers can take to help Latino employees achieve English fluency; Eberhard Roofing & Waterproofing's installation of a canopy roof system on Pomona College's Studio Art Hall; the importance of carefully reading the terms and conditions of contracts and other documents; a state-by-state guide of key politics in the workplace laws; and tips for converting customers into company promoters.

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