• Is the customer always right?

    by Lisa Sprick

    Anyone who works in the service industry probably was taught "the customer is always right." But striving to please customers can come at the expense of the service provider. When faced with difficulties such as risky potential customers or out-of-bounds requests from clients, you should be aware saying "no" may be necessary for the long-term health of your company, your employees and yourself.

  • A new twist

    by Harry Dietz

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA's) most recent fall-protection rule addresses slips, trips and falls on walking and working surfaces in general industry workplaces. The rule affects many building owners for whom roofing contractors provide services and may affect some roofing contractors' work. Contractors must rely on OSHA's rules specific to construction for fall hazards and control methods to ensure compliance.

  • Reroofing the last frontier

    by Chrystine Elle Hanus

    Located 1,500 miles southwest of Anchorage, Alaska, remote Shemya Island is home to deactivated Eareckson Air Station. After a 2014 storm damaged Shemya Hangar 6, Rain Proof Roofing, Anchorage, was contracted to remove and replace the roof system. After overcoming material transportation, safety and weather challenges, Rain Proof Roofing successfully completed the project ahead of schedule.

  • Battling microorganisms

    by Maciek Rupar

    Dark stains seen on rooftops in the U.S. and Canada are accumulations of blue-green algae, which thrive when exposed to sunlight, water and carbon from inorganic sources. For more than 20 years, asphalt shingle manufacturers have developed solutions to help prevent algae growth on shingles. All asphalt shingle manufacturers now offer algae growth solutions, but the products and warranties vary.

  • Are millennial buyers a myth?

    by Scott Siegal

    As roofing contractors prepare for the influx of millennials into the housing market, there are concerns traditional selling strategies could become obsolete. The differences in generational experiences are real and likely will shape the expectations of your potential customers. You may close more sales if you know how to sell to different generations of homeowners.

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Professional Roofing 04/01/2017

The April issue features an explanation of why saying "no" to customers can be beneficial; a look at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's most recent fall-protection final rule; Rain Proof Roofing's reroofing project on Alaska's remote Shemya Island; an examination of asphalt shingle manufacturers' algae-growth prevention products and warranties; and an explanation of how learning to sell to different generations of homeowners may help you close more sales.

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