• Coming out of the dark

    by Michelle Walker

    The roofing industry is known as a high-risk segment of the construction market because of its associated fall risks, potential for fire-related injuries and other hazards, but suicide annually kills nearly three times as many roofing workers as falls. Employers can help protect employees by incorporating mental health awareness and suicide prevention into daily safety practices.

  • Miniature masterpieces

    by Ambika Puniani Bailey

    NRCA's fourth annual Children's Art Contest received 30 submissions from children in grades 1-8 who are related to NRCA members and their employees. Co-sponsored by A.C.T. Metal Deck Supply, Aurora, Ill., the contest was conducted as part of NRCA's National Roofing Week held June 4-10. More than 900 votes were cast online in May to determine the three contest winners.

  • The sound of roofing

    by Chrystine Elle Hanus

    During Groton School's multiyear renovation project, Mahan Slate Roofing Co. Inc., Agawam, Mass., was tasked with restoring the school’s bell tower. During the renovation process, Mahan Slate Roofing faced challenges staging the bell tower, replicating copper work and restoring the clockworks and bell while ensuring historical accuracy. Mahan Slate Roofing successfully overcame all difficulties to complete the project on time and on budget.

  • A layer of protection

    by Stephen M. Phillips

    A roofing contractor's commercial general liability insurance policy applies to a claim alleging defective workmanship if the claim includes property damage other than the roof but does not apply when a claim only seeks replacement or repairs to the roof. Roofing contractors may benefit from CNA's errors and omissions liability coverage, which covers repairs or replacement of roofs caused by the contractor's defective workmanship.

  • Looking for a better workflow?

    by Piers Dormeyer

    Every roofing company spends time measuring, estimating and ordering materials. Integrating technology into everyday practices can help save time, reduce costs, obtain more business and gain a competitive edge. Aerial imagery, material ordering systems and drones are among the technological advances available to roofing contractors.

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Professional Roofing 07/01/2017

The July issue features an explanation of how employers can incorporate mental health awareness and suicide prevention into daily safety practices; the creative winners of NRCA's fourth annual Children's Art Contest; Mahan Slate Roofing's restoration of Groton School's bell tower; an examination of how CNA's errors and omissions liability coverage may benefit roofing contractors; and a look at the advantages of integrating technology into everyday business practices.

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