• We can be heroes

    by Chrystine Elle Hanus

    Heroes often are imagined as fictional warriors or superheroes wearing capes, but people who find ways to improve the world through the course of their everyday lives also are heroic. Every August, Professional Roofing spotlights some of the charitable projects undertaken by NRCA members—these are the stories of NRCA members who have completed heroic work to improve the lives of people across the U.S.

  • Sustainable by design

    by Adele Abrams , Jason Wilen, AIA, CDT, RRO

    The U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) system is the most widely known "green" building certification system, but recently the Green Building Initiative's Green Globes® building certification system has gained momentum as an alternative to the LEED system. Roofing contractors must be prepared to fulfill any Green Globe responsibilities that differ from their typical responsibilities.

  • Roofing with care

    by Chrystine Elle Hanus

    When ProHealth Care built a new ProHealth Care Cancer Center in Pewaukee, Wis., it called upon Paul Crandall & Associates Inc., Grafton, Wis., to provide roof system recommendations and the installations. Paul Crandall & Associates installed a polymer-modified bitumen roof system and a vegetative roof system on the building while wearing bright pink safety T-shirts to honor the spirit of the cancer care center.

  • It's good to be green

    by Thomas M. Hanzély

    Sustainable design has gained popularity in the commercial building sector because of its lower environmental impact and favorable long-term operating costs. One way to incorporate sustainability into a commercial building envelope is to install a vegetative roof system. Vegetative roof systems serve as accessible green environments, provide habitats for birds and insects, and mitigate the urban heat island effect, among other benefits.

  • Politics in the workplace

    by Gray I. Mateo-Harris

    The 2016 U.S. presidential campaign has become one of the most hotly contested elections in U.S. history. Employers must be prepared to appropriately respond to any politically-related workplace issues, including discrimination, harassment and retaliation claims, unfair labor practice charges, violence in the workplace, and decreased employee morale and productivity.

Current Issue

Professional Roofing 08/01/2016

The August issue features charitable projects completed by NRCA members; the growing use of the Green Globes® building certification system; Paul Crandall & Associates' installation of polymer-modified bitumen and vegetative roof systems on the ProHealth Care Cancer Center in Wisconsin; and the benefits of vegetative roof system installations on commercial buildings, among other topics.

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