• A chance for change

    by Duane L. Musser

    The outcome of the Nov. 4 midterm races for the Senate and the House of Representatives could have a substantial effect on policies that affect all aspects of the roofing industry. If Republicans take control of the House of Representatives and Senate, they may be able to move on major initiatives and begin to address the government's long-term budget problems with modest reforms of entitlement programs.

  • Mainstream in the marketplace

    by John Schehl, CAE, RRC

    Although the roofing and construction industries were hit hard by the most recent economic recession, the photovoltaic (PV) industry grew exponentially between 2009 and 2012. The growth went largely unnoticed by the roofing industry, but for roofing professionals who become more engaged in the rooftop PV market, there is great opportunity to significantly grow their businesses.

  • A case of honorable roofing

    by Chrystine Elle Hanus

    United Materials LLC, Denver, spent nearly two years repairing the roof systems on Denver's Byron R. White U.S. Courthouse. To completely reroof the building would have cost taxpayers $7 million, but United Materials created a plan to make repairs that only cost about $700,000, equating to an annual taxpayer savings of $280,000. For its work, United Materials received a 2014 Gold Circle Awards honorable mention in the Outstanding Workmanship: Low-slope category.

  • Collaborating for advancement

    by John Smirnow

    New research shows that during the first half of 2014, 53 percent of new electric-generating capacity in the U.S. came from solar energy, much of it attributable to residential installations. Through its collaborations with the roofing industry and affected organizations, the solar industry is creating jobs and environmental sustainability. Tens of thousands of U.S. households now generate their own electricity, and more than 143,000 U.S. workers are employed in solar manufacturing and services.

  • More than apples to oranges

    by Louisa Hart

    Choosing an energy-efficient roof system is no easy task. Much of the discussion within the industry focuses on the choice between black and white membranes, but it is more than a black or white issue. Every roof is different, one researcher says, and instead of focusing on a roof system’s components, the industry must look at how a roof system as a whole affects energy.

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Professional Roofing 10/01/2014

The October issue features an analysis about the midterm elections and how they will affect the roofing industry; how embracing photovoltaic systems could help roofing contractors grow their businesses; roof system renovations to Denver's Byron R. White U.S. Courthouse; collaboration between the solar and roofing industries; and choosing an energy-efficient roof system.

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