• When you wish upon a star

    by Chrystine Elle Hanus

    Wishes come true every day through the actions of those who take time to help others, and there is no shortage of wish-fulfillers in the roofing industry. Every August, Professional Roofing spotlights some of the charitable projects and acts of kindness NRCA members bestowed during the previous year.

  • Violence in the workplace

    by Rich Trewyn

    Roofing contractors face numerous safety challenges daily but may overlook the threat of workplace violence when developing risk management programs. Roofing work can take place in situations that have increased risk such as working in small groups, during nighttime hours and in isolated areas. Employers should develop job-specific policies to address potential threats and train employees to identify and respond to such scenarios.

  • Big rig roofing

    by Chrystine Elle Hanus

    When O.S.T. Trucking Co. Inc.'s Baltimore warehouse needed a new roof system, owner Richard Amato called upon Moser Roofing Solutions LLC, Lancaster, Pa., to complete the project. Moser Roofing Solutions retrofitted new metal panels on the warehouse while successfully accommodating O.S.T. Trucking's budget and daily trucking and warehouse operations.

  • Safety is a mindset

    by Tom Shanahan, MBA, CAE

    To have effective safety programs, companies must employ safety cultures. Measuring a company's safety culture can be challenging, but analyzing a company's artifacts, espoused values and basic assumptions regarding safety can help determine whether a company's safety culture is firmly in place among company leaders and employees.

  • Staying safe

    by Rod Petrick

    When you frequently spend time on top of buildings, working at heights can seem as natural as working on the ground, but roofing contractors never should allow complacency to enter a job site. It is a roofing contractor's responsibility to help prevent tragedies by adequately preparing for every job, training employees, and ensuring every worker has the equipment and awareness needed to safely complete work.

Current Issue

Professional Roofing 08/01/2017

The August issue features charitable projects completed by NRCA members; an explanation of how you can develop a workplace violence prevention program to help protect your employees; Moser Roofing Solutions' installation of new metal panels on O.S.T. Trucking's warehouse; an examination of how you can measure your company's safety culture; and an explanation of steps you can take to help prevent complacency at job sites.

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