• Making the right choice

    by Harry Dietz

    Many believe the choice of fall-protection systems does not differ depending on the type of roof system being installed. However, most agree each roof system installation presents unique challenges for effective fall-protection implementation. This especially can be true for using warning-line and safety-monitoring systems when installing single-ply roof systems. These challenges are further emphasized by OSHA regulations concerning conventional fall-protection systems; OSHA has additional restrictions on the implementation of warning-line and safety-monitoring systems, presenting more difficulties for single-ply installation.

  • It's a wash

    by Jason P. Wilen AIA, CDT, RRO

    Cool roof membranes are beneficial because they contribute less heat load to building interiors and help reduce urban heat islands. But as they age, they become less reflective and effective. To help restore a membrane's reflectivity, sometimes the membrane is cleaned. Before preparing to clean a cool roof membrane, there are some things to consider, including the cost of cleaning and how to not damage the membrane further by researching the proper cleaning products and methods.

  • Roofing for life

    by Chrystine Elle Hanus

    Children's Hospital Colorado, Aurora, provides pediatric health care for illnesses, conditions and disorders. In 2010, the hospital began to construct the East Tower, the new home for pediatric cancer care, heart and rehabilitation medicine. Douglass Colony Group Inc., Commerce City, Colo., was chosen to install various roof systems on the East Tower's many levels. The work was completed in September 2012, and Douglass Colony Group received a 2014 Gold Circle Safety Award for its work with no incidents or injuries.

  • Leveraging resources

    by Melissa Mulligan

    The sustainability trend does not seem to be going away and is changing the roofing landscape. With easier access to information, building owners and homeowners are becoming more data savvy and environmentally conscious, focusing on buildings and homes to save them money and potentially earn them money, too. By staying informed about customers' sustainability needs, you can separate your company from others, resulting in satisfied customers, referrals and energy-efficient buildings.

  • A bit too far

    by Harry Dietz

    In April, OSHA issued a Safety and Health Information Bulletin focusing on alleged fire hazards resulting from using a certain type of spreader of flammable bonding adhesives used in roof system installations. The bulletin states the dolly-type roller device listed does not meet its requirements for dispensing flammable liquids, resulting in confusion for roofing applications; according to the agency, by punching holes in the roller's container to allow the contents to flow onto the roller, the container's approval is nullified.

  • Certificates of dubious value

    by Stephen M. Phillips

    No industry requires and uses insurance certificates more than the construction industry. Having the appropriate insurance should be a prerequisite for every construction project. Certificates of insurance identify the insurance policies held by the party issuing the certificate. However, many mistakes and false information can be found in certificates of insurance.

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Professional Roofing 07/01/2014

The July issue of Professional Roofing features single-ply fall-protection challenges, certificates of insurance, information about OSHA's bonding adhesives bulletin, energy-efficient roof system opportunities and new roof systems for the Children's Hospital Colorado's East Tower.

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