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Re-imagine Your Bidding Process with Guaranteed-Accurate Technology

By EagleView

Do you ever feel like you just don't have enough time in your day? You're not alone.

Roofing contractors know how time-consuming the bidding stage of a project can be. Sometimes, the property owner's decision to buy can take longer than the job itself.

The Bidding Process

First comes the call from a homeowner or business owner in need of a new roof. The roofing contractor then schedules an appointment for an estimate. When the day arrives, the contractor drives to the job site, climbs the roof, measures the property, calculates the area and pitch of the roof, and documents other details and site issues.

Once the roofing contractor has prepared an estimate, the property owner gets to decide whether to enter into a service agreement with that contractor. Winning the bid might make all that effort worthwhile. But what happens when the contractor loses out on a sale?

Human error often leads to inaccurate bids. When a bid is too high, the contractor risks losing a customer who wants the best value for the best price. When a bid is too low, however, the contractor may have to place supplemental material orders later, in turn reducing his or her net profit on the job.

In some cases, contractors may not be able to measure and bid fast enough. If they rely on scheduling manual measurements, the delay could push customers to look elsewhere first.

An average homeowner obtains at least three estimates for repair work. That gives a typical contractor a one-in-three chance of winning every job.

With longer visits to each prospect's home or business, roofing contractors can only conduct so many estimates in a day. With fewer bids and longer time to bid, those contractors decrease their likelihood of making the sale.

Adding Technology into the Mix

More roofing professionals are turning to technology to save time and work more efficiently. Yet some solutions can be more difficult to adopt than others. Implementing new software or trying out technology like unmanned aerial systems (UAS, or drones) involves a learning curve.

Technology should be a time-saver. It shouldn't require more time and resources to use it.

For example, some roof measurement apps require the contractor to drive to the job site, snap photos of the entire property, upload said photos and wait for the measurements to arrive. If the photos aren't taken correctly, however, the measurements may be inaccurate. Meanwhile, the contractor must come back to the property to deliver an estimate to the homeowner or building owner.

How does that save time or increase efficiency?

That extra time spent visiting prospects to measure a roof or test a new and overly complicated solution also take a toll on the work-life balance. More time working means less quality time with family and friends.

Technology should do the work for you. It should help you skip a step (or two or three) to get ahead of your competition.

Guaranteed Accuracy

What if you could have all the information you need before you set foot on a property?

That's the advantage that an EagleView report brings contractors. The EagleView PremiumReport™ delivers 3D roof diagrams and high-resolution aerial images of a property from the top down and all four sides. These guaranteed-accurate measurements include length, area and pitch, as well as measurements for the hips, ridges, valleys, rakes, eaves, drip edges, flashing, step flashing and any parapet walls.

Color-coded diagrams make the information easy to understand. Contractors can leave behind a complimentary property owner report to demonstrate their professionalism and remind prospects who to call!

Real Results

What have contractors said about EagleView reports?

Ronny Roseveare and his team at Blue Glass LLC tried out an EagleView PremiumReport when they got the call for an 88-square roof with 197 different roof surfaces.

According to Roseveare, the PremiumReport, "Saved us hours and hours of work to draw and document the repair/maintenance plan for this slate roof."

The best part, Roseveare said, was he didn't have to go to the property beforehand, either. "I didn't have to walk around and take pictures 'in an app,'" he commented. "It was so easy to order from my office."

Convenience and time savings are just as important as accuracy.

Mike Flynn, owner of The Roofing Guys, began using an EagleView competitor who promised the same results for less. But the competitor's reports contained inaccuracies that resulted in thousands of dollars in added costs for The Roofing Guys. The incorrect measurements added extra expenses and reduced commissions for Flynn and his team—a problem they had never encountered when using EagleView.

"They almost sank me," Flynn said of the competitor.

When he realized just how much the reports cost him and his crew, Flynn switched back to EagleView.

The Bidding Process: Reimagined

EagleView reports give you everything you need to Bid with Confidence™. That same highly detailed information is available in full and in a handy summary in the all-new EagleView app.

The new, easy-to-use EagleView app delivers access to detailed measurement reports anytime, anywhere. The EagleView app enables users to order reports and view measurement data on the go. Within the app, users can capture additional photos and take notes on the job site to keep information organized in a single, streamlined dashboard.

Spend less time measuring and more time doing the things you love to do. Download the EagleView app for guaranteed-accurate measurements at the touch of a button.