A healthy change

A department of health building with multiple roof systems gets a makeover

A couple of years ago, if you had walked past the South Carolina Department of Mental Health's Crafts-Farrow Building 1, the sight of the roof would have surprised you. Sporting an assortment of roof systems, the building was covered with a steep-slope clay tile roof system, as well as a gravel-surfaced built-up roof (BUR) system, and a standing-seam terne metal roof system—repaired incorrectly—topped its dormers.

NRCA member Murton Roofing of South Carolina Inc., West Columbia, S.C., was chosen to take on the unique task of finding a way to replace the roofs on a building that featured three different roof systems.

"We had bid on the job two years prior, and we were the successful bidder," says Ed Murton Jr., secretary-treasurer and project manager of Murton Roofing of South Carolina. "The Department of Mental Health then put the project on hold, but it invited contractors to rebid. We were invited to the second round."

The roof systems