A long time coming

Roberts Roofing and Siding Inc. installs a roof system on the new Indianapolis International Airport

The existing Indianapolis International Airport was built in 1957. Although it served its purpose during the following decades, a plan for more modern development of the airport began in 1975.

From then until now, a new Indianapolis International Airport was in the works to help accommodate needs such as parking, baggage handling, security and communications. In addition, location needed to be considered; for environmental reasons, the new airport would be placed between the two main runways to reduce noise and pollution by saving taxiing time and fuel.

"Right now, the terminal is at the southeastern end of the airport property and each aircraft has to taxi for about eight minutes," says David Dawson, president of Executive Media, Indianapolis. "The new airport significantly will reduce taxiing time."

Plans also were made to install an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly roof system on the new airport terminal, which would sport a unique curved shape and pose a challenge during construction.