A self-made leader

Nick Sabino begins his term as NRCA's chairman of the board

Entrepreneurs are doers, not dreamers. They see opportunity when others see impossibility. They are focused and take risks. They have a passion for learning and believe in contributing to something bigger than themselves.

When Nick Sabino, president and founder of Deer Park Roofing Inc., Cincinnati, started his roofing company in 1996, he was 24 years old and didn’t know much about roofing. He had heard nine out of 10 startup businesses fail during the first year, so he was aware the odds were not in his favor.

But that didn’t stop Sabino from reading technical manuals and going to job sites to learn from installers. He was determined to learn everything he could about roofing. And despite the statistics that scare others out of business, Sabino has made it a practice to grow the company 25% to 30% almost every year and now employs 125 people at two branches.

“Nick is competitive and driven, and he doesn’t fail,” says Matt Cox, vice president of Deer Park Roofing. “That’s the way he is, and that’s the kind of leader you want.”