A sustainable system

Roofing professionals discuss their experiences with RoofPoint™

Introduced in 2012 through a pilot program, RoofPoint, a roof rating system for sustainable roof systems, has been formally launched by the Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing as a permanent sustainable rating program for the low-slope roofing industry.

Developed by the center, RoofPoint is a voluntary, consensus-based rating system that helps building owners and designers select nonresidential roof systems based on long-term energy and environmental benefits.

According to Jim Hoff, the center's vice president of research, the rating system was developed from a need to address environmentally friendly roof space not addressed by most whole-building green rating systems.

"Most whole-building green rating systems don't effectively address the nearly 3 billion square feet of roof space replaced each year," Hoff says. "It's difficult to apply a system such as LEED® when replacing a roof system, which is not related to other building improvements."