A versatile option

High-density polyisocyanurate cover boards can be used in a variety of roofing situations

When planning for a roof on a new building or reroofing an existing structure, roofing contractors face innumerable decisions about what products to use and how to balance cost with performance. High-density polyisocyanurate cover boards are an important component in roof systems, providing a rigid substrate for a wide variety of roof membrane types as well as providing suitable protection for the underlying insulation.

A number of cover board products are currently available for the low-slope commercial roofing market. These products vary from traditional gypsum to new applications of polyisocyanurate technologies. Each product offers various benefits, and you should take care to select a product that is appropriate for a specific project's needs and objectives.

For example, some cover boards offer high levels of compressive strength that may provide advantages for a unique building scenario. Other products may be manufactured using a material preferred by the building owners. In general, adding a cover board will enhance overall roof system durability and can defray long-term maintenance costs, and understanding the unique benefits of a high-density cover board product and key considerations when installing can help you reduce labor and save money during the construction process. High-density cover boards also can contribute to lower building energy use costs during a roof system's life.