All that pizzazz

A shake roof system is spiced up with copper details

Have you ever driven through a housing subdivision lost because every house looked the same? Houses' exterior colors and landscaping sometimes are so similar, it's difficult for homeowners to distinguish their houses from their neighbors'.

But that is not the case in Truckee, Calif. Truckee, which is nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, is about 15 miles (24 km) northwest of Lake Tahoe. The resort town has a small-town atmosphere and Old West charm. Truckee also is touted as being a desirable living location. It was ranked the third-best ski town by Mountain Sports & Living in 1999 and named one of 10 dream towns in which to live by Skiing Magazine's Ski Town Guide in January 2000. In February, Ski Magazine listed Truckee as one of 18 best towns for families.

These rankings have prompted year-round homeowners to settle in Truckee; the town used to mainly consist of seasonal residents. With a background as awesome as the Sierra Nevada Mountains, many houses in Truckee complement the town's favorable atmosphere while standing out from one another.

Truckee resident Blair Odam's house was built in 1979 and never had been reroofed. In 2002, she asked for reroofing estimates from several local roofing contracting companies because her house's roof system had severe ice damming and was leaking. After getting bids, Odam waited one year to schedule roofing work because she performed extensive research with local contractors and several roofing associations. In the end, Odam chose Rising Star Roofing Inc., Truckee.