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West Roofing Systems reroofs the Ohio Turnpike Commission Administration Building

The Ohio Turnpike—officially named the James W. Shocknessy Ohio Turnpike—is a 241-mile-long toll road running through northern Ohio. It is part of the U.S. Interstate Highway System and maintained by self-generated income.

The turnpike's history dates to 1949, when Ohio authorized the creation of the Ohio Turnpike Commission. The commission issued $326 million in revenue bonds to fund the turnpike's construction, which was Ohio's biggest construction project to date. Highway construction began Oct. 27, 1952, and was completed Oct. 1, 1955, with 10,000 workers on site during peak construction.

During 1956, 10 million vehicles used the Ohio Turnpike; by 2006, the number had risen to more than 51.7 million. The turnpike has become a great source of income for Ohio, and the Ohio Turnpike Commission, which administers and maintains the turnpike, continues to promote economic development by offering more convenience to turnpike users.

The Ohio Turnpike Commission Administration Building is located in Berea, Ohio, adjacent to the Ohio Turnpike. Early this year, the commission decided to reroof the building's south wing.