An added benefit

Additives made from recycled plastics can benefit roof system performance and the environment

Editor's note: The following information reflects the author's opinions and not necessarily those of NRCA.

The next time you nail down a high-performance shingle or roll out polymer-modified bitumen, you may be helping to keep waste plastics out of landfills, oceans and the environment.

New synthetic additives can reduce a roofing manufacturer's formulation cost while improving the physical characteristics of roofing asphalt, likely resulting in next-generation shingle or roll products with greater resistance to climatic extremes and mechanical stress.

My company, GreenMantra Technologies,® Brantford, Ontario, converts waste plastics into specialty additives designed for use in asphalt, plastics, rubber and adhesive formulations. The company's products are made with 100 percent recycled plastics that are transformed through a patented process into various types of polymer additives for asphalt roofing and other end uses.