An ongoing environmental endeavor

Wm. Molnar Roofing reroofs Wilson Middle School

The Wyandotte Public Schools District of Wyandotte, Mich., serves more than 4,700 students and includes six elementary schools, a middle school, high school, administration building, skills center and regional training center.

During the past decade, the school district has entered into three consecutive performance contracts with Johnson Controls, Glendale, Wis., which allow major building improvements to be funded by the energy and operational savings created by new equipment installed as part of the performance contracts. So far, these contracts have provided numerous building and energy-efficiency improvements and saved the school district $6.9 million.

Through the performance contracts, Johnson Controls has replaced windows and doors at the district's high school, upgraded and enhanced the building's heating and cooling systems, and installed building management systems at all the district's schools. Additionally, in 2008, part of the roof system on the district's Wilson Middle School was replaced, and a 10.8-kilowatt (kW) photovoltaic (PV) system was installed. Johnson Controls subcontracted Wm. Molnar Roofing Inc., Riverview, Mich., to install the PV system.

"The solar panels were furnished by Kulick Enterprises, Wyandotte," says Rob Molnar, estimator and project manager for Wm. Molnar Roofing. "There were 54 panels held by three racks. The system required 38 stanchion supports that penetrated the low-slope EPDM roof system. Kulick Enterprises located the penetrations and we cut the holes, attached the stanchions to the iron joists and flashed the supports into the existing roof system. We then used our crane to lift the panels and place them on the racks."