Analyzing the Obama administration

When he was inaugurated in January, President Barack Obama enjoyed soaring public approval ratings and his presidency was full of positive expectations for a majority of Americans. Will the president be able to fulfill the promise of his historic election victory?

Although it is much too early to make an ultimate judgment, it is appropriate to reflect on the president's governing style during his first nine months in office and what his initial actions may portend for the remaining years of his presidency. Certainly, there is much at stake for the roofing industry, along with all Americans, in terms of the effect of President Obama's policies on the economy and the ability to start and/or grow a business. So let's analyze the president's actions on a few domestic policy issues that have the potential to affect the roofing industry.

Economic growth

First, let's look at the top issue of interest to most voters and one that is critical to the roofing industry—economic growth and job creation. Of course, President Obama entered office in the middle of what may be the greatest financial and economic crisis since the Great Depression, and it would be unfair to expect any administration to be able to restore economic growth immediately. However, we can make a preliminary judgment about his initial actions on the economy and how they may affect future economic conditions within which entrepreneurs must make critical business decisions.