Are admixtures the answer?

Moisture in concrete roof decks continues to be problematic

NRCA's Technical Services Section has been receiving inquiries regarding the use and effectiveness of specific concrete mix additives and topical surface treatments to address moisture release-related concerns with concrete roof decks. Such admixtures broadly are referred to as moisture vapor reduction admixtures (MVRAs) or porosity-inhibiting admixtures. NRCA provides recommendations regarding their use.


Concrete admixtures intended as MVRAs are specific chemicals added during concrete's batching and mixing to provide an additional chemical reaction during the concrete's hydration and curing process. MVRAs use the concrete mix's excess water and chlorides to create a calcium silicate hydrate gel within the concrete. The gel is said to fill the small pores and capillary openings in curing concrete, minimizing the concrete's ability to pass and release moisture vapor. The gel is intended to be permanent and integral throughout the concrete's entire thickness.