As I was saying …

To the New Year

There is one thing we can safely say with certainty about 2014: The forecasters got it wrong.

A year ago, we were reading about the robust year the residential construction market was going to have and the lackluster year expected for commercial and industrial construction. For the roofing industry, at least, that was pretty much exactly backward.

We learned again how much weather can affect our industry as business was virtually shut down in many parts of the U.S. during the first quarter of 2014—that the industry grew at all coming out of that deep hole is remarkable.

It was a year that saw continued growth in the green building movement and a continuing series of unintended consequences for the roofing industry. At the top of the list: use of lightweight structural concrete roof decks, which earn LEED® credits and, it turns out, can take years to become dry enough for roofs to be put on them.