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Recognizing foremen

Back in ancient times—the 1970s—NRCA sponsored a study of rooftop safety, and one of its key conclusions, to the surprise of virtually no one, was there were safe crews and unsafe crews, and a crew's safety mostly was determined by its foreman.

In more modern times—the 1990s—The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress undertook a study of the roofing industry's workforce to gather basic demographic data and better understand why people enter, stay in and exit our industry. One finding, again to no one's surprise, was roofing foremen are key to determining the likelihood of a worker staying with a company, being trained and ultimately becoming a productive long-term employee.

The point is we have documented proof for 40 years of what every roofing contractor knows intuitively: Roofing foremen are crucial to the success of a professional roofing company.

The same Alliance-sponsored study concluded people who enter the roofing industry do so expecting to be properly trained and provided with a well-defined career path. It also concluded that because roofing foremen are such an important part of a company's training program, they need to develop better leadership and communication skills.