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New strategic plan taking shape

"The plan," said Dwight D. Eisenhower, "is nothing. Planning is everything." He said that in the context of war where chaos rules, but the message applies to the business world, too, which, come to think of it, feels almost as chaotic as war these days.

NRCA's current strategic plan was adopted in 2007, a year before the great financial collapse. That plan spoke to such issues as labor shortages, membership growth and NRCA's role as an industry ombudsman. What a difference a few years—and a few national calamities—can make.

NRCA's board of directors spent a half day in July working on what will become NRCA's next strategic plan. Although many topics remain unchanged from four years ago, there are some clear differences.

The new plan, for example, will call for NRCA to become the clearinghouse for all building codes and standards that affect roofs. In that role, NRCA will be seen as the primary source of information about the development of roof-related standards. This is in direct response to