Balancing ventilation

Intake vents are important to achieve proper ventilation

If you are not convinced about how important intake vents are to attic ventilation systems, consider this: Intake vents are the single biggest reason for most attic ventilation callbacks Dallas-based Air Vent Inc. receives. Not the exhaust vents—the intake vents.

For an attic ventilation system to perform properly, it needs a balance of intake and exhaust. Unfortunately, too many houses have sufficient exhaust but inadequate intake. The potential problems vary with the type of exhaust vent being used. For example, insufficient intake can cause an externally baffled ridge vent to pull intake air from itself. That means it could pull in weather. With a power attic ventilator, improper intake could cause premature motor burnout and force the power vent to pull its source of intake air from the living space in the home.

Contractors' tips

Through its attic ventilation training seminars, Air Vent has collected numerous tips from roofing contractors regarding how to install intake vents.