Capitol Hill

Hurt by the HIT

Implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), enacted by Congress in 2010 and scheduled to become fully operational in 2014, has many significant implications for employers who offer health care benefits to employees, including those in the roofing industry. NRCA continues to work in the regulatory and legislative arenas addressing issues related to the health care law.

The effects

One area of focus for NRCA with respect to the ACA is to develop support within Congress for legislation to repeal the new Health Insurance Tax (HIT) created by the law.

The HIT is one component of more than $500 billion in new taxes included in the ACA for the purpose of offsetting the estimated $1 trillion cost to taxpayers. The HIT likely will have a significant adverse effect on small and midsized businesses, as well as self-employed individuals, and is one of the key reasons NRCA opposed the ACA when it was under consideration in 2010.