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As the effects of government regulations on roofing businesses have increased in recent years, NRCA has made the enactment of legislation designed to alleviate the regulatory burden one of its top priorities. After several years of work, it appears NRCA's efforts may come to fruition.

The issue

One of the most significant problems plaguing the current federal regulatory process is the Byzantine maze of approvals and legal challenges that must be navigated before many private and public development projects can proceed. The Hoover Dam was built in five years, and the Empire State Building took only one year and 45 days. But in the current era of excessive red tape, major construction projects can take years and even decades to obtain the required government regulatory approvals just to get started.

According to a 2014 report issued by the Government Accountability Office, in 2012, the average preparation time for environmental impact statements needed for federal permits was 4.6 years.