Creating performance criteria

An initiative to develop performance criteria for roof systems begins with BUR and SPF

A specific provision of NRCA's strategic plan calls for NRCA to work with other industry segments to further develop existing performance models and, if necessary, establish new models for measuring roof system performance. To achieve this objective, NRCA is facilitating an industrywide initiative to develop such performance criteria (see "New council, new standards," July 2003 issue, page 15).

The initiative, the performance criteria for constructed roof systems (PCCRS), was discussed in the July 2003 issue in general and as it was envisioned to proceed. But much progress has been made since then. Following are the highlights.

A review

The objective of the PCCRS initiative is "to provide building owners and the roofing industry with conservative and dependable criteria for constructed roof systems that achieve cost-effective, long-term performance relative to the roof system type. PCCRS is intended to provide guidance. It is not an approval or certification of individual companies' procedures, products or services nor is it intended to supplant warranties or other representations or perceptions of roof system service life."