Designing for hail resistance

Did you know FM Global has updated its hail design guidance?

In March, property and building loss insurer FM Global updated its Property Loss Prevention Data Sheet 1-34, "Hail Damage" (FM 1-34). If you work on buildings insured by FM Global, you should be aware of its latest hail-resistance guidelines and the effects they may have on roof system selection and design.

FM 1-34

FM 1-34 provides loss-prevention guidelines to minimize the potential for hail damage to buildings, roof-mounted equipment and other outdoor equipment. FM Global intends FM 1-34 and its other Property Loss Prevention Data Sheets to apply to its insured buildings. However, some designers use the Property Loss Prevention Data Sheets as design guidelines for buildings (and roof systems) other than those insured by FM Global.

FM Global contends hailstorms are a widespread hazard affecting many areas of the world that can severely damage buildings' roof systems, rooftop HVAC units and skylights. Cooling towers and exposed glass and plastic components of outdoor equipment also can be damaged. Providing hail-resistant exterior building components and equipment can reduce this hazard's impact.