David Maxwell

Maxwell with his sons, Henry and Gilbert

What is your position with your company?
I am operations manager for Maxwell Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc., Nashville, Tenn.

What are the most unusual roofing projects of which you have been a part?
Our company recently completed three projects—an elementary school, downtown high-rise and office building—using V2T Technology. I think the V2T Roof System is unusual because instead of using adhesives or fasteners, special vents hold the roof membrane in place. The technology is based on the physics of the Venturi effect. The vents use the power of the wind to create a vacuum that simultaneously pulls air from under the roof membrane and pushes the membrane firmly against the insulation and deck.

What was your first roofing experience?
When I was 8 years old, I went with my dad and grandfather to a pre-bid meeting at Wayne Medical Center, Waynesboro, Tenn. During the visit, I climbed a wall-mounted ladder that seemed scary at the time. It probably was only about 20 feet high, but I remember the feeling of accomplishment when I finally reached the rooftop.