Great job!

Sometimes, it's difficult to find a new, credible phrase to thank an employee for a job done well. An overused phrase may begin to lose its power, and in a busy office, thanking an employee for good work sometimes can be forgotten. Try using the following short phrases to show employees you appreciate their work:

  • "I'm glad to have you on our team."

  • "Congratulations on completing a difficult job."

  • "You've been very helpful. Thank you."

  • "I appreciate your consistent effort."

  • "Great effort! You make us all look good."

  • "Your sales results are outstanding."

  • "You make the team's vision come alive."

  • "Your actions inspire the team."

  • "What an incredible accomplishment!"

  • "Customers notice your extra efforts."

Source: Adapted from The Fun Factor, as cited in Team Management Briefings, January issue.