An NRCA director gives Senate testimony

On Feb. 12, Rick Birkman, president of NRCA member Texas Roofing Co., Austin, testified before the Immigration, Border Security and Citizenship Subcommittee of the Senate Committee on Judiciary on behalf of NRCA and the Essential Worker Immigration Coalition of which NRCA is a member. The hearing was called to discuss President Bush's temporary guest worker proposal. (See "Capitol Hill," March issue, page 14, for more information about Bush's plan.)

Birkman says, "The fact that NRCA was given the opportunity to be ‘at the table' to represent the business community is a testament of how far it has come as an association and how much political clout it has gained during the years."

Birkman, a member of NRCA's board of directors and Government Relations Committee, told the subcommittee about his experiences as a roofing contractor and addressed the failing immigration system. Birkman says it is difficult to meet his company's labor demands with U.S. workers.